Staff Handbooks & Company Policies

Policies within staff handbooks should be set out in an easily accessible staff handbook providing benchmarks so employees know exactly what you deem acceptable, and inexcusable, as well as ensuring consistency in your approach to handling requests by staff, disciplinary, grievance and complaints within the office. 

Walker Rose Solicitors provide pragmatic, legally sound advice and legal drafting which will ensure you can convey the rules within your workplace to your staff and also direct you on how to deal with those employees that don’t follow the businesses acceptable code of conduct. 

The polices, rules and procedures in a Handbook are not terms of the employer/employee contract.  They can therefore be varied without out consultation or approval from your staff.  Although, no consolation with your employees when you initially impose a number of new, or stricter, rules on staff is not a sensible approach as it can simply create uproar, uncertainty and low moral with among employee. 

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Walker Rose Solicitors provides astute legal advice and the drafting of legal agreements, polices and documents to address your immediate and on-going business needs.

We can assist, negotiate and draft agreement terms with the co-founders, investors, employees, suppliers and customers.

We can assist whether you are a new start-up or an established business.  We work for you to design ‘best practice’ doctrines ensuring and securing a smooth running and efficient workplace.

Walker Rose Solicitors provide sensible commercial legal advice and draft the agreements you need in place to reduce areas of dispute or at least provide a mechanism for the parties to resolve a dispute. We can help you grow and evolve safe in the knowledge that you, your business and your brand are protected and stand on a strong legal ground to move forward.

Our advice is always precise, resilient and affordable.

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