Legal Drafting: Contracts, Agreements and T&Cs

Whatever the commercial documentation, agreement or contract your business needs, our lawyers ensure certainty that our advice is always precise, resilient and affordable and the legal documentation will assist protect you and your business.  

Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) -  arguably the most important document your business needs. Walker Rose Solicitors provide professionally drafted terms and conditions designed to meet your needs and ensure that both parties in any transaction are fully aware of their rights and obligations thus help to ensure a smooth and efficient transaction. 

Our business legal drafting solicitors can assist with:

  • Services Terms and Conditions
  • Goods and Services Terms and Conditions
  • Terms and Conditions Sale of Goods
  • Short Form Single A4 Page Terms and Conditions
  • Professional and Trade Terms and Conditions
  • Recruitment Company Terms and Conditions
  • Hire and Rental Terms and Conditions

Data Protection Documentation - Complying with the GDPR may feel a little daunting, but Walker Rose Solicitors bring a methodical and practical approach to handling the GDPR and with our application and assistance all concerns will allay. It is important to understand what your business needs to do, and then to put in place the requisite procedures and practices supported by up-to-date policies and agreements.

Our GDPR experts can advise and draft:

  • Data Protection Auditing & Privacy Impact Assessments
  • GDPR & Data Protection Policies
  • GDPR Website Privacy & Cookie Policies
  • GDPR Privacy Notices
  • Data Processing Agreements
  • Data Sharing Agreement

Websites represent an important part of every business and take many different forms. Some only present information, while others gather it; some advertise, and some sell. Walker Rose Solicitors advise on the best fit terms and conditions for your website which also include up-to-date references to the latest legislation such as the GDPR.

Our expert website legal drafting solicitors can assist with:

  • Website Terms & Conditions
  • Disclaimers and Notices
  • Privacy Polices
  • cookie policies
  • Website Design and Development Agreements
  • Advertising & Marketing Documents
  • Website Terms of Use
  • Website Hosting and Support Agreements
  • Domain Name Agreements

IT and software play a key role in business and having robust legal document will assist your business in both the acquisition and creation of software. Walker Rose Solicitors can advise those entering into a business relationship with a software provider, or in the alternative we can draft such agreements for the software companies.

Whether your business is procuring software or producing it, using Walker Rose Solicitors, will ensure the process is greatly simplified for all parties concerned.  

Our IT & Software services include:

  • ASP Agreements
  • Software Licence Agreements
  • Software Development and Testing Agreements
  • Open Source Software Licences
  • Database Agreements
  • IT & Data Protection Policies
  • IT Disaster Recovery
  • IT Services Framework Agreement Documents

Other Commercial Agreements and legal documents provided by Walker Rose Solicitors:

Our Expertise

Walker Rose Solicitors provides astute legal advice and the drafting of legal agreements, polices and documents to address your immediate and on-going business needs.

We can assist, negotiate and draft agreement terms with the co-founders, investors, employees, suppliers and customers.

We can assist whether you are a new start-up or an established business.  We work for you to design ‘best practice’ doctrines ensuring and securing a smooth running and efficient workplace.

Walker Rose Solicitors provide sensible commercial legal advice and draft the agreements you need in place to reduce areas of dispute or at least provide a mechanism for the parties to resolve a dispute. We can help you grow and evolve safe in the knowledge that you, your business and your brand are protected and stand on a strong legal ground to move forward.

Our advice is always precise, resilient and affordable.

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